FAQs – Treatment in Austria of persons from another Member State

You are not insured in Austria but would like to be treated here? Then ask your health insurance which services are covered and which costs are reimbursed. In addition, you will find some questions and answers on the topic below.

Do I have to get prior authorization from my own health insurance provider for treatments in Austria?

This depends upon the nature of the treatment and the regulations in the country in which you are insured. For more information on this, get in touch with the respective national contact Point.

Who provides information on treatment costs?

In the private practice area and in private hospitals to which the principle of freedom to set prices applies, only the respective healthcare provider can give information on what costs can be expected. In the inpatient area, the hospital providing the treatment or its legal representative provides corresponding information on the costs to be expected.

Will I have to pay for the treatment myself?

In hospitals with beds that are financed through a national health fund, foreign patients are only treated in exchange for payment (cash, credit cards, etc.). Other payment terms may apply to all other healthcare providers and healthcare institutions and you need to contact them directly to find out what they are.

The national contact point of the country in which you are insured or your social security provider will give you information about cost reimbursement.

How can I find the "right" doctors and hospitals in Austria?

You can find information on healthcare institutions and healthcare providers in Austria under Service search.

Can I get medicinal products/medical devices in Austria that were prescribed in my Member State of affiliation?

es, medicinal products and medical devices prescribed in other EU Member States can also be obtained in Austria, provided that certain prerequisites (e.g., the required elements are included in the prescription) are met. You can obtain detailed information under: Member State of treatment – medicinal products and medical devices

Are there designated centres of expertise in Austria in connection with rare diseases?

Yes, there are designated centres of expertise in Austria. A current list and further information can be found in the Seltene Erkrankungen section. 

The information is solely available in German language. If you need further help, please consult the institutions under Beratung & Hilfe  or contact the National Contact Point in Austria.

The used references can be found in the List of sources.

Last update: 19 July 2019

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